Visiting Clun Castle

After finding a place to park in the town (there is no castle car park) we made our way up to the castle.  The initial path had delightful overgrown grasses that gave the castle a somehow more authentic feel, although they also disguised some steep drops so please be careful with younger children.  

Walking up the narrow paths we could see various masonry ruins, the main highlight of these were the ruins of the keep situated on the slant of the motte, which is the most visually intact and compelling feature, giving an inkling as to what once stood here.

The rocky mound which the ruins stood upon are impressively steep (keep holding tight of younger children) and I would certainly not wish to have been a soldier attacking.

We found the circular paths around the base of the castle very elating as they brought to life the sheer elevation and prominence of the castle, and a feeling of how imposing the castle once was.

Date of visit 10/07/2020

Click here to discover the history and more information about Clun Castle

4 thoughts on “Visiting Clun Castle”

  1. What’s left of the castle !.
    What many attempts to conquer!
    It is wonderful as a location, it attracts you irresistibly!
    It’s a great place to visit and for physical training, it’s not easy here.
    It is well highlighted, the author has explored a lot.

    It’s been a long time, 1100-1250, what years, what can we imagine!

    I have never seen such a settlement.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      It certainly has a long and intriguing history, if you would like to know more about the history of Clun Castle then click here

      The Castle is set in a small town surrounded by lovely countryside, definitely worth a visit if you have a chance.

  2. Do you know any history of this castle, like who lived there? Looking at the ruins now you can hardly imagine it have been lived in all those years ago, and it definitely doesn’t look comfortable or luxurious like our houses in modern days. 

    I wonder if it had a moat, or does the fact that it is on a hill make it at a good vantage pointe to see enemies approaching?

    • Thank you for your comment Michel! Yes there is plenty of history to the castle, I have written an article which details its history and can be found here. The castle does have a moat but also makes great use of the geography as you do get a very good view of the surrounding area!


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