Visiting Acton Burnell Castle

We are lucky enough today to have blue skies and sunshine beaming down on us (forecast had been thunderstorms!).  The castle is next to Condover college which is clearly visible from the grounds and on the edge of Acton Burnell Village.  There is an area to park cars (for free) just beyond the gates to the Castle grounds (gates are locked at dusk).

We walked by the Church of St Mary (gates locked), a pleasant little church but not notable.  To enter the castle ruins you walk through a small wooded area with huge imposing trees, enhancing the feeling of the site’s age.

The castle ruins were busy with families picnicking and children playing.  There are helpful information boards from the English Heritage scattered throughout. The site is quite small but the walls reach their full height in parts, the majority of the castle outer walls still remain so that you can really get a sense of splendour of the fortified manor in its heyday.

I found the structure to be quite box-like but the large ornate window frames gave it more personality.  Acton Burnell Castle is a great place to stop and have a look about for free on your travels for an hour.

Date of visit: 13.06.2020

Click here to read about the history of Acton Burnell Castle

4 thoughts on “Visiting Acton Burnell Castle”

  1. What an imposing house it was!
    Ghost girl, there must be something in the middle.
    Hard word: haunted, a bishop wanted the best, he also built a church!
    A visit here I think leaves deep memories, especially since they are so unknown!
    1200 is very distant and mysterious at the same time.
    Only these photos looked at carefully and how much they evoke.

  2. Wow, this looks like a beautiful place to wander around and explore while daydreaming about what the castle looked like in its heyday. The last photo with the scattered array of unique windows shows the building has a lot of unique character, despite looking a bit boxy. What is the address for Acton Burnell castle? What is the closest major city and would this make a good day trip destination?

    • Acton Burnell Castle is a bit of a hidden gem.  I would recommend it for a stop off on a day trip for an hour on your way to another location rather than the main attraction for the day.  The address is Acton Burnell, Shropshire, SY5 7PE and the closest large town is Shrewsbury (which is very picturesque and has a lot of history).


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